Is Project 64 1/2 the first Mustang ever sold?

Project 64 1/2 data plate.

Yup, the 64.5 project, Elyses car, is for sure a 65 Mustang considered a 64.5. This car is number 1,502 out of 9 million plus Mustangs and one of the first Mustangs made. It was made on 3/17/1964, production started on 3/9/1964, and we think it may actually be one of the first Mustangs ever sold! 

Elyse’s 1965 Mustang known as Project 64 1/2.
First Mustang Ever Sold

Gale Wise is considered by Ford as owner of the first Mustang ever sold to an individual. That Mustang was sold two days before it should have been sold. The car was purchased by Gale on 4/15/1964, but the Mustang wasn’t even unveiled at the Worlds Fair until 4/17/1964, which is when it should have gone on sale. 

The Ford Owner Warranty Card of Elyses car is listed with a date of 4/15/1964. Is it possible that this car was sold on the same day as Gales car? 

This is the original Ford Registered Owner Card which indicates the car was purchased in April 15th, 1964.

More to come soon!

Update: Found the original owner and the car was indeed bought on 4/15/1964. Not one but two! More to come.

Mega Meet 

Sunday I took Foxy Molly out for a Mega Meet the Gas Monkey Bar and Grill in Dallas. 

The meet was a combination of monthly meets for Muscle Mustang hapters for East Texas, Dallas and DFW. The North Texas Foxbody Club was also in attendance. 

There were 80+ Mustangs in attendance of varying years. Check out the meet in the video below.

BTG Cardeos Episode 1

I’m trying out a new series on my channel in an attempt to force myself to improve and further myself along with my never ending learning journey. I plan on doing features on individual vehicles every couple of weeks if I can manage to work it out. I’ve received some interest in the past, so it’s now time to make it happen. You have to keep pushing forward, good bad or indifferent, you have to keep creating.

Without further ado, here is episode 1.


Drag Racing Newbie!

I took Molly out to NorthStar Dragway this Sunday and had a killer time. I’d never officially drag raced before and boy was it a hoot. I’ll be going back once I have some more speed parts installed!

Find out how fast Molly goes in the 1/8th of Mile track!


Foxy Molly Build – Replacing Springs

My 89 Mustang, Foxy Molly, already has a new pair of Eibach springs installed. The problem is that I don’t believe they’re actually for my Mustang. The rear-end sits soo high it looks really silly. So, I bought a used pair from Ken with North Texas Foxbody Club. These should help Molly get a better-looking stance!