Texas Mustang Invasion 10/7/2017

img_0328It’s been pretty quiet around B&T Garage lately and that’s going to be changing real soon. Recently I’ve been taking it easy filming and focusing on the 64 1/2 project for Elyse. Look forward to more Project 64 1/2 videos soon

The Texas Mustang Invasion event is also coming up. That’s a great gathering of Mustang enthusiasts from all over the DFW area and beyond. There will be Mustangs from all eras and many great vendors. I’ll be out there with Molly and camera gear. Look for a video of the TMI event as well.

IMG_1082Once I come home from the TMI even Molly is going to be parked for what will be the next series of Foxy Molly Build videos. The new season will focus on the PlastiDip coming off, bodywork being done to repair rust in the rear fender, and the engine being rebuilt.IMG_1095 The engine will be assessed and rebuilt as needed with go fast parts over the next several months, think ON3. Molly will also be getting a new clutch to help put that newly found horsepower to the wheels. There will be other goodies in the series that I’ll keep secret for now.

Stay tuned for some great videos!